Diamantis Pateras family-owned businesses maintain work-related personal ties all over the world and are in the position to competitively offer first-class services to existing and new clients.

In 2007 Diamantis Pateras Maritime Ltd. (DPML) entered the niche segment of LPG-Shipping and since then has acted as the spearhead of an industry-wide consolidation.

DPML acted up to 2014 as the commercial and financial manager of company’s vessels.

The initial vision of its Principals was to create an international leading company in the seaborne transportation of LPG and petrochemical gases. This was eventually succeeded by arranging and executing a number of corporate partnerships which ultimately led to the creation of Epic GAS in 2012 (

In 2018 Diamantis Pateras Maritime Ltd. together with Nautilus Energy Management Corp. (NEMC) launched SEVENSEAS INVESTMENT FUND, an open-end new Luxembourg investment vehicle, aiming to buy modern dry bulk carriers (

The Principals of Diamantis Pateras Maritime Ltd., Stephanos D. Pateras (President) and Stefanos D. Michalis (Managing Director), represent the fifth and sixth generation of Diamantis Pateras’ family involvement in ocean-going shipping.