J. D. Pateras Foundation

Diamantis I. Pateras and his wife Kalliopi of the Pantelis Lyras family, as well as their children Ioannis, Panagos, Pantelis, Stephanos, Katingo, Kostas and Nikos, originated from Oinousses, Chios. Since the late 19th century, the family had been contributing to the flourish of both Greek and International shipping in a significant and defining manner, due to the effective and efficient moves it had made in the field of shipping. Those were defined by intuition, prudence, consistency and effectiveness.

The idea of creating the Ioannis D. Pateras Foundation was conceived and then slowly shaped into a reality by the great national benefactor and Merchant Marine captain Ioannis D. Pateras from 1970 onwards. Pateras was endowed with magnanimous feelings of philanthropy and generosity towards his fellow human beings, so that continuous contribution and help to society be assured.

Since 1970, the Foundation has been the means through which national benefactor Ioannis D. Pateras and the members of the Diamantis and Kalliopi Pateras family have managed to provide for and support vulnerable social groups, shipping, education and, above all, their homeland.

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