Diamantis Pateras Maritime Ltd. (DPML) is a company of the Diamantis Pateras family of Oinousses, whose shipping roots can be traced to the middle of the 19th century.

The company, which represents the family’s interests in shipping, has inherited traditional values that are incorporated as philosophies in its everyday business conduct and provide testament of company’s solid name in the industry of shipping:

  • Hard work – by the onshore and off-shore people that serve DPML
  • Care – to all vessels and the cargo that they carry
  • Respect – to the environment
  • Good co-operation – with all business partners
  • Integrity – throughout all operations

Since 2007, DPML focused its services in the seaborne transportation of LPG and petrochemical gases, managing 10 vessels by 2012.

In 2012 the company succeeded, by arranging and executing a number of corporate partnerships, a merger that led to the creation of Epic GAS, headquartered in Singapore.

In 2018 DPML together with Nautilus Energy Management Corp. (NEMC) launched SEVENSEAS INVESTMENT FUND, an open-end new Luxembourg investment vehicle, aiming to buy modern dry bulk carriers.